He revived the Matthew Passion at Berlin when he was only twenty. Mendelssohn's performance stimulated considerable interest in Matthaus-Passion in northern Germany, and many conductors, following Mendelssohn's lead, performed the piece in the 1830s and 1840s. This is a documentary for the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia and the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia funded by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, leading up to the Mendelssohn Club’s North American Premiere of the historic Mendelssohn version of Bach’s St. … by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy for St. Thomas Church, Leipzig) performed by Wilfried Jochens, tenor (Evangelist) Peter Lika, bass (Christusworte) Angela Kazimierczuk, sopran Alison Browner, alt Markus Schafer, tenor Franz-Josef Selig, bass Chorus … It is an established fact that Mendelssohn was interested in and influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach; most people immediately think of his revival of the St Matthew Passion. FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Bach, St Matthew's Passion, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Roger Norrington (conductor), Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 5th February, 2005 (AO) A premiere of St Matthew's Passion? the first perf. In 1833 the Singakademie perf. Mendelssohn). Bach - Matthaus-Passion (arr. - Pietà luterana e pensiero razionalista … Matthäus-Passion (Walter, Johann) Matthäuspassion, BWV 244b (Bach, Johann Sebastian) Matthäuspassion, BWV 244 … Here, in the actor’s memoirs,1 we find the story of how the maternal grandmother, Bella Salomon, had a copy of the Passion prepared in 1823 as a Christmas present for the fourteen-year-old Felix; how, several years later, after studying with a small … This chapter explores Felix Mendelssohn's 1829 revival of Johann Sebastian Bach's St. Matthew Passion (Matthaus-Passion). Abstract: Felix Mendelssohn's performance in 1829 of Matthaus-Passion by J. S. Bach was the first presentation of a large-scale vocal work by Bach since the composer's death in 1750. However, Mendelssohn's … Supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia celebrates their 140th season with the North American premiere of Felix Mendelssohn's 1841 revision of Johann Sebastian Bach's St. Matthew Passion.Mendelssohn's edits to the original score were designed to popularize Bach among mid-19th-century audiences, who were more likely to study than to perform … Box office: 0870 382 8000 or www.rfh.org.uk Topics centres, incl. On 11 March 1829 the 20-year-old Felix Mendelssohn conducted a … Bach's Matthew Passion conducted by Felix Jacob Ludwig … In Eng., where it might have been thought that J. C. Bach would have encouraged study of his … 3) in St. Paul is the only one that conforms to Bach’s church style. Angela Kazimierczuk (sop); Alison Browner (contr); Wilfried Jochens, Markus Schäfer (tens); Peter Lika, Franz-Josef Selig (basses); Chorus Musicus; Das Neue Orchestra / Christoph Spering. • Orchestration — Mendelssohn made use of the Romantic orchestra. This performance marked the rediscovery of Bach as a composer, and a revival of his works began. The St. Matthew Passion is revered today as one of the great masterpieces of the choral repertoire, but along with much of Bach’s vast output, it sank into obscurity in the decades following his death. Lest one be up in arms about edited Bach, it's important to … Mendelssohn worked extensively to revive Bach's reputation between 1824-1829 with the revived performance of Bach's Matthew Passion in Germany in 1829. But Mendelssohn … Musicologist Michael Marissen has argued that in preparing for the revival, Mendelssohn cut Bach's work to remove anti-Semitic references. From his boyhood Mendelssohn’s devotion to the music of Bach was unswerving. the St John Passion and a much-cut Mass in B minor. MENDELSSOHN AND BACH'S MATTHEW PASSION Its Performance, Reception, and the Presence of 70 original Choral Parts in the Netherlands In this contribution to the Tijdschrift of the Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands, I would like to focus on a remarkable event in the history of Western music: the illustrious performance of J.S. The public rediscovered it in 1829, when Felix Mendelssohn conducted the work before a glittering audience of Berlin artists and intellectuals, Prussian royals, and civic notables. This was supposed to be uploaded a few days ago, on March 11th, the anniversary date of Mendelssohn's monumental performance of Bach's St. Matthew Passion in 1829 (with edits to suit 19th century popular tastes). Text and translation included. During his visits to London, he was constantly preaching, playing, or talking about Bach. In any event, and whatever eyebrows might be raised at his editorial decisions, Mendelssohn's abridged version certainly … And in 1829, at the age of 20, he mounted his pioneering performances of the St … This one certainly was – the first performance in this country of Mendelssohn's 1829 edition of Bach's great work. About the Album. Roger Norrington conducts Mendelssohn's edition of Bach's St Matthew Passion at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London SE1, on February 5. Bach, Johann Sebastian (Eisenach 1685 - Leipzig 1750); Ger. Passione secondo Matteo. Matthew Passion”, but reduced the work to approximated half its … Before that fateful day, the old composer was relatively unknown outside the music fandom and often seen as stuffy, scholarly and overly mathematical. When the 20-year-old Felix Mendelssohn conducted a performance of the Passion in 1829, it helped to inspire a widespread revival of Bach’s music, and fueled the growth of choral societies across Europe and the … Challenge Classics. Biography Bibliography ››› Johann Sebastian Bach, the own pages here. Bach MATTHÄUS-PASSION (Ver. This was probably no accident, for Mendelssohn’s reverence for Bach was profound. No. This concert will be followed by a free screening of Bach, Mendelssohn and the St. Matthew Passion at 4pm. Jan Willem de Vriend. Recorded in association with Stiftung Kunst and Kultur des … The dates in the Bach chronology should reflect this in a new and enhanced outline covering first, 1750-1829 , followed by 1830-1899 , etc, leaving the rest of the section unchanged at this time. Johann Sebastian Bach – Matthäus-Passion: Mendelssohn version (1841) The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra | Consensus Vocalis. A second arrangement was performed in Leipzig in 1841. This changed suddenly on 11 March 1829 with Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s performance of Bach’s “St. But Mendelssohn also knew Bach's Magnificat, and it is interesting to note that he also was acquainted with the setting Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel composed in 1749 which he later used for his application for the post of … The concert … Matthew Passion” at the Berlin Sing-Akademie. a few years after Mendelssohn's revival of Bach's St. Matthew Passion, St. Paul seems an almost polemically thoroughgoing effort to carve out a place in contemporary composition for the musical language of Bach's long-neglected choral works. Mendelssohn’s reimagining of Bach’s ‘St. the Passion, and the performance ignited a revival of interest in Bach’s music that continues to this day. Matthew Passion’ By Flo Gardner | February 10, 2015 David Patrick Stearns, Inquirer Classical Music Critic Posted: Thursday, February 5, 2015, 3:01 AM From the opening chorus of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, audiences at the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia performance at Girard College on Sunday will be hearing something a bit alien. Bach'sSt. In 1841, Mendelssohn presented a revised and slightly enlarged version of the St. Matthew Passion in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, where it had been pre-miered by Bach. Matthäus-Passion, H.802 (Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel) Matthäus-Passion, SWV 479 (Schütz, Heinrich) Matthäus-Passion, TWV 5:15 (Telemann, Georg Philipp) Matthäus-Passion (Meder, Johann Valentin) Matthäus-Passion (Sebastiani, Johann) Matthäus-Passion (Theile, Johann) M cont. Felix Mendelssohn performed Bach’s St Matthew Passion in Bellin in 1829 and 1841: on 11 March 1829, the Passion was heard again for the first time in 100 years. It is shown instead that Mendelssohn's cuts were intended to make the work more accessible to a 19th-century audience that … On February 8, Mendelssohn Club will recreate this his- Description; Additional information; Reviews (0) Description. Bach: Passione secondo Matteo: Matthäus-Passion BWV 244: Diego Fasolis: Coro della Radio Svizzera & Gruppo Vocale Cantemus / Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana: Tenors: Andrew King, Paul Robinson; Soprano: Lynda Russell; Mezzo-soprano: Gloria Banditelli, Tenor: Axel Everaert; Bass: Andreas Scheibner: The Classic Voice Magazine / Rete Due Radio Svizerra: Apr 1995: 2-CD / TT: … On 11 Mar. Raffaele Di Mauro. His complete performance of the Passion can justifiably be described as the starting point of a broadly-based Bach renaissance. In his mid- and late teens his studies of the latest works of Beethoven bore astonishing fruit. Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann (Weimar 1710 - Berlin 1784); Ger. See also the Album for Anna Magdalena. Lewis: Mendelssohn’s performance of the St. Matthew Passion at its 100th anniversary in 1827 helped spark the 20th-century Bach revival, says Philadelphia Singers Music Director David Hayes.. Hayes: Most people thought Bach was a composer you studied – he was an intellectual composer.The idea of performing Bach, was, sort of, you know, crazy. Some 900 people were in attendance, and the performance was so successful that it was repeated twice, on 21 March and on Good Friday, 17 April … Matthew Passionis universally acknowledged to be one of the world's supreme musical masterpieces, yet in the years after Bach's death it was forgotten by all but a small number of his pupils and admirers. mus. ››› Johann Sebastian Bach, the own complete works list here. J. S. Bach. Add to cart. From the time of the oratorio's premiere, however, it was one of the cornerstones of this stylistic reclamation - Mendelssohn's inclusion of chorales-that … Other German Passion settings include Der Tod Jesu (1755), with text by Karl Wilhelm Ramler and music by Georg Philipp Telemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, and by Carl Heinrich Graun, and the Passion Cantatas Die letzten Leiden des Erlösers (1770), with text by various people and music by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (taken largely from his St Matthew Passion of 1769) and Gottfried August … Of Mendelssohn’s five chorales, All ein Gott […] (No. Other leading Ger. Why would you perform Bach? • Each instance of the chorale in Bach’s St. Matthew is a straightforward four-part chorale setting. Share this product. since Bach's day of the St Matthew Passion with the Singakademie. Since 1869, Eduard Devrient’s engaging account of the 1829 revival of the St. Matthew Passion has remained a durable strand in Mendelssohn biographies. Originally only available on hire as part of the … The chorus' namesake, Felix Mendelssohn, who rescued the St. Matthew Passion from roughly a century of obscurity in 1829 with a performance adjusted to his 19th century, as opposed to Bach's 18th. Mendelssohn was – astonishingly – a mere twenty-year-old when he directed this performance from the keyboard (fortepiano) and from memory, and was perceptive enough to realise that giving the Passion in full would probably be too much of a good thing for contemporary audiences. 1841 arr. "It's still a beautiful artistic gesture," said longtime Mendelssohn Club music director Alan Harler, who is retiring at the end of this season. followed within 5 weeks. On 11 March 1829 the 20-year-old Felix Mendelssohn conducted a performance of the St Matthew Passion, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, in the concert hall of the Singakademie in Berlin, almost 100 years after the work had last been played. Lezione Storia della Musica Contesto storico-musicale - Contesto storico: epoca del tardo barocco, la Germania del 1700, frammentata in molti piccoli Stati indipendenti, è divisa dal punto di vista religioso in due aree: quella luterana al nord e quella cattolica al sud. At first, Mendelssohn did not present the full-length “St. In the booklet accompanying the performance, Dr. R. Larry Todd comments on the significance that the multiple interpretations of the work engender for different … As part of the “Historische Konzerte”, a performance of the Passion was given on 4 April 1841, Palm Sunday, in St Thomas’s … Bach (arr. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. It was he, too, who was … Opus 111 (Full price) (CD) OPS30-72/3 (two discs: 132 minutes: DDD). www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2000/aug00/StMatthew.htm Leipzig, followed Berlin's lead. Two further perfs. Felix Mendelssohn can claim the credit of having ushered in the Bach-Renaissance with his arrangement and performance of the “St Matthew Passion”. 6 in stock. 1829 Mendelssohn cond. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) (Christoph Spering) [2CD] J.S. On February 8, 2015, the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia presented the Center-funded American premiere of Felix Mendelssohn’s 1841 revision of Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion at Girard College Chapel. It was revived for the first time in the Berlin Singakademie on 11 March 1829, one hundred years after its premiere in Leipzig’s Thomaskirche. La cultura nord-tedesca era più conservatrice. St Matthew Passion. His performances of the organ preludes and fugues at various London churches, and at the Birmingham Festival, aroused great interest. His training under Zelter in the music of Bach, Handel, Haydn and Mozart gave him a mastery of contrapuntal techniques and sonata style.